What you will find here

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Primarily, you will find two different blogs: On Beyond Ordinary and Becoming the Zebra. These will be updated 2-3 times per week when in full-swing mode.

What you can expect at On Beyond Ordinary

More. You can expect more from me.

Blogging has been a chore to me over the past few years and I’ve struggled with what to write. I’m not really the kind of person who wants you to know how my trip to Wal-Mart went or needs you to see my cute cat pictures. Plus, you just throw it up there for people to read– never knowing who is reading it- liking it or hating it–and never experiencing community. Is it stupid? Redundant? Or just too serious? My painful approached to blogging led me to flat push it aside while I wrote for AMG Publishing last year. In addition, my blogging software was HATEFUL–often loosing my hard work and refusing to post correctly–so I limited the posts to five minute tips for minimizing mediocrity once per week–about half the year. A dismal failure and lousy experience.

But blogging in cyberspace has changed in recent days. I love what I’m finding. You and I are looking for more than cute cat pictures and a play-by-play of routine and Google is accommodating. With WordPress, posting is easy and communicating with you is encouraged! Hurray! And the content is real! It’s helpful and challenging. This is what I’ve been wanting to do all along!

On Beyond Ordinary is designed to move us to the next place God plans for us to go. We were made for more than settling for the good in our lives, never reaching toward His best. It’s just that sometimes, we simply have NO IDEA how to live differently. That’s why we’re here…to stretch On Beyond Ordinary–one step at a time, in short doable increments.

Sometimes I’ll write about making the most of our time, marriage, parenting strategies that work, time-saving recipes, adoption, stuff girls like (since I am one and live with six others), and good books that inspire me to live beyond myself. If you are interested in the Strange Crew of 10 and all the chaos and imperfects– I’ll occasionally post updates or noteworthy experiences. It’s not a cute cat picture, but it could produce a needed laugh. We’ll subtitle these as Big Family Musings.

There you have it. Within the next several weeks, you should be able to find more at On Beyond Ordinary than ever before. Short posts, 2-3 times per week.

What you can expect at Becoming the Zebra

I have a secret…

I will be blogging an e-book this year for my oldest daughter. And YOU are invited to contribute!

Here’s the skinny:

Taylor, my oldest daughter, asked me a couple of years ago to write something for her because she wants me to do for her what I do for you. There is no higher calling or sweeter request as her Mom, so I have been making notes. It’s time to write.

Becoming the Zebra: Finding courage to stand out in the midst of ordinary

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What is the book about?

The title plays off an experience I had a few years ago. It was a difficult period when I was engulfed in a raging emotional storm, tossed about in a sea of critics and waves of disapproval. Not for something I had done–just me, in general. I remember driving down a lonely Texas highway, feeling a lot like my surroundings– asking God what was wrong with me. Why was I so different–even from other Christians. My choices were different and I seemed to view the world differently than those around me– and it was wreaking havoc in my normal Christian life. As I drove, I made my questioning thoughts audible. About that time, I past a typical Texas setting: brown cows sprinkled across a field eating grass. However, smack dab in the center of that field was a zebra, eating the same grass. I stopped the car. (Yes, it was, indeed, a zebra.) At that moment, I felt the answer to the question gripping my hurting heart being revealed in that field.

My only problem is that I am that zebra. I look different from ordinary cows. Zebras aren’t perfect. But this reality doesn’t change the fact that they will never resemble anything like brown cows. God doesn’t disapprove of me just because I’m a zebra and not a brown cow. I am simply different by His perfect design. That moment was life-changing. I needed the courage to be the Zebra and stopping worrying about how I could look and act more like an ordinary cow.

Taylor has been experiencing some of what it’s like to be different than her peers. This book is an effort to equip her (and other teen and tween girls) to stand out while situated among the ordinary. I want to give her a guide book for developing the courage to Become the Zebra. (And this is where you come in.)

How Can you be Involved?

I will post on particular verses/topic. Then anyone who would like to contribute  on that particular topic or set of verses can do so also writing in the Comments section. Offer your best advice, Godly insight or wisdom personified for a teen girl. I will compile the best contributions and include them (giving full credit to each author,) in an e-book that will be available on Kindle by the end of 2014.

But don’t forget- it’s a secret! If you know Taylor or other members of my family, please do not talk to them directly about it until it’s finished!

What else can I find here?

The Beyond Ordinary Newsletter

Sign up for a monthly e-resource sent directly to your inbox which includes additional content you won’t find on the website. Don’t worry, we do not use your information for any other purpose nor do we sell it. The purpose of the newsletter is to challenge and encourage you to become everything God dreams you to become. Period.

Free Resources

While you are here, check out what’s available for my favorite price: FREE! Use the pull-down menu for Free Stuff. You can see the different categories and download what you want. Additional content will be added periodically, so come back again and again.

Not-So-Free Resources

If you or your women’s group is looking for a speaker, I’ve tried to take some of the unknowns out of the process by providing the resources you need to make well-informed decisions for your events. If you still have questions after checking out Booking Cheri, feel free to contact me.

Coming soon is the Bible study I wrote for AMG Publishing called Life Principles for Living the Greatest Commandment. The anticipated release date is summer 2014, just in time for Fall Bible study groups. This study will have an accompanying video series we are creating Spring 2014. You will be able to purchase the study in most major Christian bookstores, on-line distributors, and at this site.




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