Celebrating 100,000 Plus YouVersion Completions

Sometimes you are minding you own business when an opportunity smacks you in the face. Even if you don’t have the sense to know what to do with it, God does. His agenda is always greater than my eyes can see when it comes to His Glory and His Word.

This is what happened to me with becoming a YouVersion partner.

I just wanted to bring pizza over and have some good conversation with some deep people who loved Jesus and were serving Him in ways that intrigued me. I am the curious type, so I asked something like, “tell me about…I’m dying to know how it’s going!” Before the end of the conversation — before I could figure out how to post a verse on the app (true story), they had decided I needed to write for YouVersion and connected me with the person in charge of the process. I honestly didn’t even know Bible.com (i.e. the YouVersion app) offered anything more than…you know, THE BIBLE.

I went home and sort of half-stuck the idea in a drawer. Me? On the world-wide YouVersion App? Who are we kidding? It’s just me! Mom of eight. Writer in the backyard office. However, I took out my phone and began to try mastering the verse posting on the YouVersion app and at least navigate what these Reading Plans were they kept talking about. I discovered I loved the mission of the YouVersion app that has utterly impacted the globe for the distribution of God’s Word — helping people engage with Scripture. And I was hooked.

I had just published a Bible study with AMG Pub., so the timing could not have been more perfect. I put forth a proposal to the content editor and it was accepted. I sent in another proposal a couple of months later. It, too, was accepted. The rest is history. We have current plans in English, Chinese, Ukranian, and Czech. I have enjoyed the privledge of partnering with those who make their entire goal to help others engage with the Bible ever since.

And more plans are coming, along with a new website that will help you navigate through them much more easily.

Today, we celebrate over 100,000 completions!

Yes! Today, we celebrate the increasing number of those who are finding these particular reading plans helpful in their walks with the Lord. Over 100,000 and increasing by a few hundred each day. That blows my mind! And brings me to tears. Tears of joy. Glory to God! Because…I have no answers or sound advice. All I can do is point people to the truth of Scripture and the hope that He brings to them through it. Right now, God is using an app to help draw people to Himself though His Word. I simply get to be a very, very small part of His larger agenda. Amazing.

That’s how it works. This is my opportunity. What is yours?

What might God drop in your lap? Maybe it’s the opportunity to be more involved in your lost community or schools? Maybe it is to be part of a ministry in your area? Maybe it is to begin one that has been on your heart? Sometimes God blows into the room with a grander purpose –when all you thought you were doing was bringing a couple of pizzas.

With much affection!

For His Gory,


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