Day 13: Release Him to Do What You Cannot

One glorious Saturday morning a few months ago, we cleared our schedules, packed a lunch and loaded everyone in the van to venture to an amusement park. The forecast promised a shorts and flip-flops kind of Texas day I have grown to love in October.

Walking around the large park, watching the kids enjoy the sights, sounds and rides was magnificent for about two hours. That’s when we began to feel it. That fabulous flip-flop weather took a brisk downhill spiral, dropping at least twenty degrees— But, as the mom, who must think beyond the present into “What-if” possibilities– I had packed our jackets.

It took a good half an hour for Chad to walk to the car and back to retrieve them, while the temperatures plummeted another fifteen or twenty degrees. By the time he reached us, my thumbs were numb and—well, you can imagine. We were freezing our shorts and t-shirt laden bodies to bits!

Etched in my mind will always be the feeling of gratitude and comfort as we slid our arms into those jackets and zipped them up – shielding us from the interrupting elements that threatened our adventure. It was pure relief.

That experience reminds me of the invitation given by Jesus to take His yoke upon us—because by doing so, just like putting on a jacket when you really need one–He promises comfort, relief, and refreshment for our souls. It is true rest.

Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me, for I am gentle (meek) and humble (lowly) in heart, and you will find rest (relief and ease and refreshment and recreation and blessed quiet) for your souls. Matt. 11:29

How is taking His yoke upon us rest for our souls?

  • He assures us of His meekness

Although He is all-powerful, fully judge, and we have surely made enough sinful mistakes to stir a God angry, Jesus interjects his gentleness. Placing His yoke upon us, like a warm jacket– can be done without fear. He knows what you and I have done. He sees us where we are. Yet, he cares more for you than the approval of man. Let’s face it. Jesus is God in the flesh. He has room to flex some muscle here, yet He does so in gentleness. He knows when we are loaded down with burdens and sorrows, responsibilities and regret. We need His meekness more than anything in order to find rest.

  • He reminds us of His lowliness in heart

It doesn’t matter who you are– or who you are not. Jesus does not pursue the popular or privileged; the successful or the smarty-pants—based on those distinctions. Instead He pays close attention to the nothings and nobodies. And those no one seems to want. What a beautiful Savior to come after the lowly– because they have His heart.

  • He can do what you and I cannot

When I am standing out in the cold, there is nothing I can do for myself to find warmth and relief. I can jump up and down to create some body heat. I can seek shelter to get out of the wind somewhat. But nothing will soothe and comfort me like a warm jacket.

Neither is there anything I can do for myself when I am overburdened, stressed to the hilt, or experiencing sorrow, pain and suffering. Jesus knows it’s just you. And He longs to be gracious to you.

You can jump up and down, stomp your feet, cry, and try all sorts of remedies. But nothing will meet your need like the perfectly fitted yoke of Christ.

Release Him to do what you cannot. Then and only then will you and I learn to rest well.

With much affection, For His Glory,


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