Favorite Pin Friday


Three more days of school for the Strange Crew and we are summer bound!

For a mom with bunches of kids — that’s enough to cause me to start hyperventilating, UNLESS I have a plan. And I do – thanks to Pinterest.


My pick for today’s Favorite Pin Friday is a great idea for setting up your summer schedule.

 Favorite Pin Friday – Summer Schedule

My kids are RIGID.  All eight of them! They love knowing what is coming next. That’s why I appreciate my new best friend (I’ve actually never met her — but I love, love, love this idea – and that she is a Christian blogger), Hilary, of Pulling Curls. Check out her super-helpful blog on how she set up her summer schedule for three kids.


Just click on the link for Pulling Curls – or head to my Favorite Pin Friday board on my Pinterest site. I’ve been trying to get prepared for the summer by pinning all sorts of FUN STUFF. You can see what we will be doing and get some great summer ideas for yourself here.

But first — GET YOUR PLAN together with Pulling Curl.

Let the summer begin!


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