Favorite Pin Friday

I admit it. I really like Pinterest! Several months ago, we created an account under Cheri Strange, Beyond Ordinary Ministries. That’s where I create boards for what I like and need and what I think you might like and need, too. But here is my latest board created specifically with you in mind: FAVORITE PIN FRIDAY!

I’ll evaluate the pins I find during the week and select my favorite! and if you want to pin yours in the comments below — feel free! We would love to know what your favorites are, too!

Today’s Favorite Pin Friday is not super spiritual. In fact, it is not spiritual at all. It’s intensely practical, as a laundry solution.

At my house, we have a sock basket where unmatched or unclaimed socks congregate until someone discovers them and takes them back to their drawers. For some reason it’s often full. I ask HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? laundry basket

I just don’t understand how we can have so many. And as an organized person, it drives me crazy! That’s why I love this pin!


socks sorting tip






Step 1:

I purchased lingerie zipper bags at WalMart about $2 and gave each child two: one for lights and one for darks – labeled with their name. laundry bags


Step 2:

Each person loads their own personal socks and unmentionables into their marked bags. These go directly into the washer and dryer.

bags in washer

Step 3:

When the laundry is completed, each bag is placed in the correct individual’s stack. Viola! No unclaimed socks. No unmatched singles. No arguing about who took whose anything. It’s all in the bag!laundry bags


Have you found a particularly great laundry solution? Post it below and link it. Or post it here on my author page, Cheri Strange.

Happy Pinning!


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