Thanksgiving Crafts Collage

For the first time the Strange Crew gets to experience a fall break (i.e. nine days at home- with no schedule- no practices- no homework). That means by day three they will run out of ways to entertain themselves.

I want their memories of holidays and breaks to be seasoned with a sweet aroma as they look back, rather than tainted with thoughts of cataclysmic chaos and a bitter sense of unrest.

Therefore I’ve been supplying myself with an arsenal of fun fall break activities for kids via Google and Pinterest. I won’t get all of these done this year, but at least I’m ready.

Whether you will be spending time with your kids, your grand kids, or your second cousins’ sister’s kids, you, too, may find these ideas fabulous for your fall break!

Here are ten ideas the Strange Crew will consider this year.


10 Fabulous Fall Break Activities with Kids

1)     Turkey tickets

This is an activity I hope works well enough to become a Strange family tradition. Friday afternoon, I will set these supplies out. We’ll spend the next several days working on them.

2)     Turkey on the Table

There is not a lot of information at this site, but the idea was enough to come up with a name “Turkey on the Table” similar to Elf on a Shelf. My kids love Elf on a Shelf and we have not made this a family tradition. We will see what sort of good deeds our turkey (I haven’t found one yet) will be caught doing around the house this year.

3)     Thankful Pumpkins

We may have several guest who won’t have a turkey ticket. This is a creative and tangible way anyone in the home can share what you are thankful for at your Thanksgiving celebrations.

4)     Turkey Hunt

We will have lots of kids around during the fall break. This is a game everyone can play regardless of age. It’s easy to set up with the free printables.

5)     Thanksgiving Countdown Banner

This is a great idea…for 2015. I found it too late for 2014. But we can still benefit from making it and picking a letter each day leading up to Thanksgiving. Next year we will have it ready for the start of November.

6)     Cranberry Relay

This site actually lists several games that have promise. We may try more than the cranberry relay, but this one sounds like something we can do with the cousins this week.

7)     Gratitude Quotes

I will print these out and leave them around for individual kids this week. I particularly like the ones directed toward spouses. Too often my man is neglected among the endless responsibilities associated with the season. This is one way I can stop and express my sincere gratitude for who he is and what he means to me.

8)     Kids Only Thanksgiving Table

My kids will be all over this one. I’ve provided the link to the “how to” of making this particular design – but it looks time-intensive. I’m using something easier, like this free downloadable banner from Sweet Metel Moments.

9)     Kid Placemats

I like the free printable placemats available from Sisters Suitcase to use at the kid’s table. Another variety you might prefer can be found at A Girl and a Glue Gun. I like the idea of the kids taking ownership in the big event.

10) You’ve Been Gobbled.

We live in a sweet neighborhood of mostly older generations. I have recently been reminded of the necessity and responsibility for caring for those around us. We will definitely gobble a neighbor or two during our fall break.

There are many more ideas out there. People are so creative. And they have the time and know-how to make these fabulous activities available to us – for free! What a deal! Hopefully you found something you and your family can use this season. If not, you can find more on my Pinterest site.

Do you have a great idea? Have you found something you think is a fabulous activity we might enjoy during the fall break? Please post it below – or post a link so that we can all benefit.

May your fall break be less chaotic for your family with a little planning; and seasoned with the sweet aroma of thankfulness to the One we owe all we have and even our very lives.


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