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Changes Coming to She Yearns

24 Oct 2017

Attn: CHANGES COMING TO SHE YEARNS She Yearns is getting a new look! (No – it’s not THIS one — we are keeping it under wraps for now — but it’s better than ever!) Stay tuned! It’s about to be even better than an a new look! In a short time – you will be […]

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Celebrating 100,000 Plus YouVersion Completions

04 Oct 2017

Celebrating 100,000 Plus YouVersion Completions Sometimes you are minding you own business when an opportunity smacks you in the face. Even if you don’t have the sense to know what to do with it, God does. His agenda is always greater than my eyes can see when it comes to His Glory and His Word. […]

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Day 14: Resting Well

21 Jul 2017

Day 14: The Strength to Rest Well Have you ever witnessed a young child with a broken bone weary of the cast? They often do not understand why they cannot do what they want to do—like swim in the lake with the other kids. The cast often cannot be removed for weeks and the parent […]

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Cheri’s Speaking Topics

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  • Responding to LOVE
  • Refresh
  • Bloomability
  • Waiting Well
  • The Fight for Radiance
  • Becoming the Zebra
  • Christmas

Learning to live FREE...

Do you ever feel like you've been in the same spiritual place far too long? Are you living a life that eternally impacts those around you? Do you have a deep desire for your life to be more than ordinary? God designed us with this yearning. But how can we live a life that makes an eternally significant impact, when it's just us? Cheri leads participants through ten prayers and practices that can transform a life once comfortable with mediocrity into something so far beyond ordinary only God can divinely orchestrate. She illuminates what keeps us bound to mediocrity and sheds light on how to be free. When these ten prayers and practices are applied to daily living, our lives will take on purpose and lasting significance that radically impact us personally as well as those around us. Cheri shares how to let loose our comfort and satisfaction with ordinary Christian living to embrace a life that moves beyond ordinary-- fruit-filled, purposeful, and free. This event is best utilized as a retreat with 3-4 sessions. Read More

Responding to LOVE

What if God's call to love Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength is not simply a demand from a dogmatic deity--but an appropriate response to a God who loves the unloveable, the mistake-laden, the half-hearted? Cheri leads participants to learn to discern differences between loving God with some affections and loving Him whole-heartedly. Read More

Refreshment for a Woman's Soul...

Do you find yourself weary, worn out and stressed? Jesus understands our need and invites us to come to Him. Cheri unpacks what it looks like Biblically and practically to rest, be restored and renewed to experience everything He has planned for us. Read More

Increase your Bloom-Ability

Ever feel like you just can't be who God wants you to be? The Bible is clear: if you are still breathing, God has a plan for your life "to bear much fruit" (John 15:8). Abundant living is not for the few. Never is the Savior in the business of holding out on His disciples. That means living an abundant fruit-bearing life is within reach. Too often, we simply settle for being a scraggly bush when we could have been prolific.  In this session Cheri helps participants discover how they can cooperate with God's plan to increase their ability to become productive bloomers of everlasting fruit. Read More

When God Says, "Wait."When God Says, "Wait..."

Let's face it. None of us like to wait. Yet, often, in the life of a Christian, the question is not IF we will have to wait...it's HOW will we wait? Will we lose our patience and chose our own way? Or will we accept God's timing and trust Him? In this session, Cheri helps the participant discover how to wait well and provides steps for taking Biblical principles for waiting into their daily lives. Read More

Join the fight for radiance...

In Scripture we learn that we are to be joyful always (1 Thess. 5:16). Why then does Paul ask, "What has happened to all of your joy?" Because joy must be fought for. In this session Cheri explores five ways to fight for joy, equipping participants to win the battle for radiance in Christ. Read More

Becoming the Zebra

Sometimes we find ourselves feeling alone in a crowded room, especially if we take seriously the Word of God. You just think and act differently--as if you are a lone zebra in the middle of a cow pasture. Find courage to stand out in the midst of ordinary through God's Word, practical insights, and story. Read More

Regifting This Christmas Re-gifting this Christmas

Come on. We've all done it. That ugly necklace, the sweater that is NOT your style, the novel hot dog warmer you don't have room to store, the gift card to a place you won't go... have all been re-gifted secretly, as if re-gifting is a cultural taboo. But what if re-gifting at Christmas is exactly what God intends? In this seasonal session, Cheri uses a cultural phenomenon to teach a Biblical concept that encourages participants to re-gift the most precious gift this Christmas. For it is what Christmas is all about.     Read More

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